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Meni Etim is an award-winning caricaturist & an expert at keeping your guests thoroughly entertained. With a wealth of experience, he has entertained at events for the Olympic Athlete's Village, Vauxhall, Arcadia Group &  much more!

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Caricature bookings are from 2 hours.

Locations more than a 2 hour drive from North London is a minimum 3hour booking. 

2 Hours          3 Hours          4 Hours          5 Hours          Whole day






Reaction Photos


We know it's hard to keep up with everything when you're the centre of the party, that's why we offer these amazing reaction  photos so that you can watch back and see how much everyone enjoyed their caricatures!

Caricature Extras!

We offer a range of caricature extras to further make your event extra special, 

and to give you and your guests something to remember and treasure forever!

Headed paper


Add a special message to your drawings on the day so your guests never forget the event they had their amazing drawing done!

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Signing Board

Black & White  - £65

Colour - £85

A pre drawn caricature of you or you and your partner, printed into a board that people can then sign

messages onto like a guest book! But one you can hang on your wall at home, 

Prices based on A2 size, other sizes available!


Place Cards

A6 Black & White (per guest)  - £7

A6 Colour (per guest)  - £9

A pre drawn caricature of each of your seated guests! If you're getting married and for one reason and another

you cannot have us there on your day, this is the perfect way to still have caricatures on your special day!


Seating Plan

A1 Colour   - £110

A1 Colour   - £160

A great way to show off your caricature apart from a signing board is to use it for your seating plan!

Price based on up to 100 names on a A1 board.

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